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Hearty congratulations to Wendy and Steve, two staff writers who were recently engaged. Some of us helped Steve find the perfect engagement ring for Wendy. We all searched online, but it was Steve who finally found an online e commerce site that sold sterling silver jewelry with cz settings (Wendy’s favorite) and selected from among their numerous stunning sterling silver rings designs. If you are not familiar with cubic zirconia, it is a synthetic stone that rivals the diamond in its dispersion exceeding that of diamonds. The synthetic gemstone really dazzles the eye. Talk about glittering brilliance! Wendy’s sterling silver ring is impressive, but her smile and joy of showing off her lovely engagement ring is even more so. Congratulations to the both of you.

Corie and Youngna are excited, but overwhelmed! The management of the project has begun to take on a life of its own with new requirements, needs and aspirations. These include server space, a secure database of participants, an active website and a technological infrastructure that can support a constant flow of interested letter writers, their changes of address and entry and exit from the project, and lastly but probably most importantly, our office space which hosts many writers and editors who are both local and who travel to work for us. Donations to the MLP will be applied directly to the project’s operational costs.

Recently there were 2 very unexpected and much appreciated donations. The first donation was a surprise for a couple of reasons- firstly we had just moved into our office space and thing were in definite need of some TLC, secondly the donation pertained directly to this need! We received an a package from the only store Clean It Supply, full of janitorial supplies – mops, scrubbers, a janitorial cart with a bottle of top of the line floor cleaner and a commercial back pack vacuum cleaner. This strange and thoughtful donation was completely fantastic and surprisingly exactly what we needed, especially that vacuum cleaner. Receiving a donation like this made cleaning up feel actually FUN! The chief editor- Dan Spats spent just one afternoon getting all of the construction dust out of the space.

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