Bios II

Sofia Leung is a native New Yorker who has, thus far, resided in three of the five and currently lives near Stuy Town. When not amusing herself with the titles of children’s books, she enjoys soccer, tennis (especially the US Open), fooding, bookstores, banging on Korean drums, and exploring all of New York. Any spare moment she has is spent desperately trying to ingest immense quantities of, hopefully, quality media.

Amanda Morales is a paper – and – pen enthusiast living in Brooklyn. After studying philosophy and art and art history an undergrad, she has been working in arts non-profits in new york city for the past few years. Her fondest memories of childhood include TrapperKeepers, Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank. If you tell her your birthday, she’ll remember it forever and probably make a card for you and send it in via snailmail. You can see her work online at

Ralph Deluca is an expert in movie memorabilia. He advises collectors on what vintage movie posters are worth and how to distinguish between copies, fakes, and the real deal. He’s been on Pawn Stars and is a consultant to celebrities – especially actors who want a piece of movie history hanging on their walls that are also investments in rare and valuable collectibles. He know his stuff and can appraise posters based on an emailed image, so he’s accessible to anyone who may have stumbled upon an old movie poster in their basement or attic.

Youngna Park is a photographer who lives in the East Village of New York City. She recently spent three months volunteering and documenting life at an orphanage in the Bolivian Andes and then drove across the United States in search of good food. In addition to running projects about letters, she likes taking photos, color gradients, farmers’ markets, morning light, books, brunch, and bikes.

William (Bill) Smith: The Modern Letter Project’s Man in Toronto is a PR practitioner, amateur fine art photographer and fountain pen collector. A graduate from University of Toronto class of 1991 with a degree in Political Science and History, Bill is a refugee from retailing, B2B marketing and sales. His other interests include listening to music (Jazz, Soul, Funk, Ska and Motown), literature, current affairs, film, hiking, alpine skiing, cycling and hanging out with friends.

Corie Trancho-Robie is the assistant director of an oral history research office in New York City. She is obsessed with the social history of our built environment and believes wholeheartedly that every building has a story. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, photography, graduate paper writing and cat wrangling with her husband in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Every single one of these people are the best in their field. They have spent a lot of time trying to figure out where they need to be in life, then repositioning themselves a million tiny times to make it so they are just a bit closer to that goal. They know that their dreams are not out of their reach forever. They just need to get a bit closer in order to grab ahold and then they will never again let go. You can learn a lot from them and apply it to your own life. They are still working on their goals, what about you?

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