Audrey Evans works in a library in Manhattan. She is originally from El Dorado, Arkansas, but now finds herself quite content living in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She can develop a significant interest in just about any topic given the time and right conditions, but some of her longstanding fascinations and hobbies include: recording oral histories, biographies, monsters in religion and culture, rituals of any kind, libraries, and photography. She also enjoys striking up random conversations on the subway. Recently she and her partner bought a country house in Orange County New York, far enough away from NYC so it seems like a country house and close enough to the Big Apple so the drive to it on weekends is not onerous. First thing she did upon closing was to do a search for orange county above ground pools seller and order a pool. Her local pool company, Royal Pools & Spas actually has three stores in the neighboring counties. They recommended a great construction company to create a fabulous deck area around the pool. This winter Audrey and her partner are having a hot tub installed which will be perfect for entertaining or just relaxing. Life is good for this ambitious, people friendly woman.

Ariel Brewster recently relocated to Toronto from New York, where she checked facts at New York magazine and fixed sentences at The Village Voice. Now she keeps busy as an immigrant (mostly) and as an intern at The Walrus, a Canadian general interest monthly. She is a native New Englander, beginning biker, and a big fan of colorful produce and wigs by Raquel Welch. She ardently believes she saves at least an hour a hour by wearing a hair alternative such as a wig, rather than needing to blow dry, curl, crimp, or straighten her hair every day. And when you add in the time spent at a hair salon every three or four weeks, it most likely she saves even more time. She would much rather be out dirt bike riding than dealing with bad hair days. In addition, she enjoys eavesdropping, the New York Times wedding announcements, musty subway smells, and old souls. Her favorite pens are Pilot Fineliners and Pentel RSVPs. and if you want to get into her good graces, all you need to do is drop by her desk and offer her one.

Myra Lewis is fixated on disease and genetic markers. She recently returned from Singapore where she assisted a startup in developing a home kit to test for stds using new applications of existing biotech processes. The new test kits are cheap, accurate, and available in drugstores and online. The benefit is that the tests can be conducted privately without the need for a lab or medical professionals. She expects the products to become widely available within the next couple of years as concerns over sexually transmitted diseases ramp up along with the easy hookups made possible by dating services.

Lydia Chan attributes her fixation on stationery to working in her parents’ Hallmark store while growing up in New Jersey. She currently works in corporate communications and recently moved from New York to San Francisco. She is looking forward to exploring a new city and discovering what paper goods California has to offer.

Libby Ellis is a vicious card player and especially like games favored by old ladies (Canasta) and chubby Midwesterners (Euchre). She loves Elvis, yoga, books and red onions. She doesn’t enjoy condiments of any sort, with pepper an especially uundesirable spice. She works as marketing communications manager at the Jewish United Fund. Career highlights include: interviewing Joan Jett two times during her career- once at the start and later when she had gained recognition, going on a business trip to Israel, and attending a conference in LAs Vegas where she was able to watch the final evening in a World Poker Tournament. Libby lives in Chicago with her boyfriend and a 300lb sculpture of a drunk bunny. By next spring she hopes to have two dogs and travel to Finland to see the aurora borealis- also known as the Northern Lights..

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