How will I know who to write to and when do I find out?
We will send an email at the end of each month with your sendee for the following month. Usually, this will occur during the last week of the month, but may vary depending on our schedules. If you do not receive an address by the first of the month, please contact us.

I received my latest address and it looks funny. I think one of the numbers of the ZIP code is missing.
If a number is missing, we are 99.9% sure that it is a zero at the beginning of the code. This is because we are using Excel and sometimes it does not recognize the numbers as text. Drop us a note and we can double check for you.

How many letters am I supposed to write?
The project asks that you write two letters per month- one to the address provided and a response to the letter that you receive. It is up to you whether you would like to maintain contact with senders/sendees from previous months.

Unfortunately, sometimes letters do not make it to participants, either because they have gotten lost in the mail or the sender did not have a chance to write it before the month was over. Please do not be discouraged and keep writing!

Can I just write about what’s just happening to me on a day to day basis?

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I am really sorry, but I will not have time to write and send a letter this month.
That is totally okay. Everyone gets busy. However, please let us know if this happens so that we can notify your sendee.

Something has come up and I can’t participate in the project anymore. What happens next?
Please contact us if you no longer want to participate in the project. Once we hear from you, we will remove your name and address from our sending list.

Is there any way to share what is going on with this project? I want to see some of the other letters that have been sent!
Why yes, there is. Check out our Modern Letter Flickr Group.

I would like to participate in this project, but am concerned about the safety of my privacy. What can I do?
While we cannot guarantee the privacy of your mailing address due to the nature of the project, we hope that participates will utilize the provided information respectfully and in the spirit of collaboration. Additionally, for the protection of participants, we monitor submissions carefully and have requested that all last names and addresses be blotted out in photographs used on Flickr and on this website.

Do you accept donations?
Why yes, we do.

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